Pre-swim warm-up exercises

Dry-land warm-up workout is extremely essential for all swimmers, whether they are amateurs or professional sportsmen. Such warm-up not only increases blood flow to muscles, but also will help with mental preparation. What`s more, it reduces to a minimum the possibility of getting hurt because of muscle stiffness.

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Look of the month

This look will suit you down to the ground, if you are into sailing, like going on cruises or just keen on spending time by the sea. Firstly, pair white loose-fit trousers with a blue off-the-shoulder blouse with a ruffle reminiscent of an ocean wave.

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15 minute arm-strengthening workout

One can hardly underestimate the importance of arm strength. So, how to make them toned and shapely in a non-time-consuming way? Firstly, you will need light dumbbells. For optimum endurance and fat burn, do these four moves as two supersets; do 30 seconds of the first exercise followed by 30 seconds of the second exercise, then rest for 30 seconds. Repeat four more times. Then move onto exercise three and four following that same format. Round one – let’s go.

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