Best fitness gadgets. Part II

We continue the series of publications under the same title, in which we will acquaint you with the most advanced developments in the field of sports technology. You might have already heard or read about some of them, or you are even a lucky owner of similar gadgets.

Nevertheless, what sets these devices apart from the others are innovative ideas aimed at making your workouts more effective.

Digital jump rope

The old-school jump rope gets a makeover – now it can count your jumps, burned calories and workout time. This LED-embedded jump rope syncs with your smartphone, and displays and analyzes your fitness data. What`s more, it not only makes you recommendations based on your skill level, but also allows you to compete with your friends via Facebook.

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Not every fitness junkie can afford to buy separate gadgets for each kind of sports activity. One possible solution could be to make use of various apps, which can be easily downloaded and kept on only one device – your smartphone. Such a simple yet practical armband will attach your mobile device to your upper arm, so it won`t distract you by bouncing in your pocket.

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Heads-up display system

This groundbreaking gizmo will prove helpful for those into cycling. It is clippable to your favourite pair of cycling glasses and it gives you instant feedback on your heart rate, speed, cadence and power by multi-coloured LEDs and audio cues without making you take your eyes off the road.

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There is no denying that such sports gadgets can play an important role in your training, but we shall not forget that the right footwear is already half the battle.