5 Healthy breakfast ideas for busy mornings

Admittedly, we don`t always have enough time to cook both wholesome and delicious meals for breakfast, putting up with a cup of coffee, or, which is worse, popping into local fast food restaurants.

It`s always a shame when we have to skip it, because scientists, health practitioners and dietitians call on us to stick to our nutrition regime whatever it takes. And not without reason – breakfast is considered to be the most important meal, since it gives us energy and sets the tone for the whole day. We picked up several dishes for breakfasts which are healthy yet easy to make.

Carrot and cranberry muffinsPhoto via: pinterest.com

Carrot and cranberry muffins

These healthy treats are full of fiber, which is especially good for the digestive system.


"CroissantPhoto via: pinterest.com

Croissant sandwich with ham and eggs

Such an unusual sandwich not only looks good, it is also very nutritious.


Oatmeal with pineapple, nuts and honeyPhoto via: pinterest.com

Oatmeal with pineapple, nuts and honey

This super delicious dish will definitely whisk your tastebuds away to the tropics.


Blueberry yoghurt smoothiePhoto via: pinterest.com

Blueberry yoghurt smoothie

This drink is begging to be instagrammed and takes only 15 seconds to make in the blender.


Eggs in bell pepper ringsPhoto via: pinterest.com

Eggs in bell pepper rings

They are appealing not only to health-conscious adults, but also to kids, who are often capricious about food and try to avoid eating any vegetables.


There is no denying that having a strict and healthy nutrition regime is essential, but we shouldn’t forget about regular physical activity. So why not get into a morning run in trainers from our recent collection?