Beauty & wellness gadgets for ladies

March is traditionally associated with the fair sex not only because it`s a spring month, but also thanks to International Women`s Day and Mother`s Day. Consequently, all the men of the world struggle to find presents that will please their dearest and nearest females. Check out some of our favourite tech gifts bellow.

Portable eye massager

This elegantly designed gizmo is claimed to reduce eye fatigue, edemas and dark circles under the eyes or even improve blood circulation in the eye zone through different temperature regimes. There is also a silicone pad for a conventional massage with high-frequency vibration.

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Smart insole

This useful gadget uses special textile sensors to scan the whole body through your feet, identifies issues with posture and movement and presents this information in the app. Thus, it works as a diagnostician that helps you prevent many health problems or to recognize already existing ones.

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UV sensitive temp tattoo

Few can deny that staying too long in the sun can have a negative effect on your health. This temporary tattoo will help you to keep yourself protected from harmful UV rays. The only thing you need to do is to stick it to your skin and watch the change of the colour of these two rings. If they are becoming purple and bright pink, it`s time to get out of the sun or else you will get sunburned.

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As is well known, all women like beautiful and comfortable footwear. Why not then pamper your favourite ladies with a new pair of these mint trainers with feminine ribbons from our latest collection?