Benefits of boxing workouts

Boxing is no longer reserved for the ring only. This tough sport is becoming a kind of fitness phenomenon that invades gyms around the globe. The growing popularity of boxing and martial arts can be partly attributed to the rapid rise of MMA. However, boxing is more than just hype since it provides a high intensity training and you would be surprised how fun it is to punch something (or somebody). Here is our list of advantages that boxing can bring.

  • Ultimate calorie burner. Although boxing shouldn`t be perceived as the best way to lose weight, it still can do its part in this no easy matter. According to different studies, it can burn from 700-1500 calories per hour depending on gender, weight, age and the intensity of training.
  • Stress relief. It`s no surprise that almost every even moderate physical activity decreases stress. Nevertheless, only boxing can provide you with this unique and empowering feeling when you blow off steam and take it all out on a punching bag.
  • Confidence booster. The benefits you can get from boxing are too numerous to enumerate, however, this sport can appear especially useful for women, teenagers or for those bullied since it helps to improve self-esteem and increase self-confidence. Once you know how to stand up for yourself, no one can insult you.
  • Better hand-eye coordination. The importance of hand-eye coordination is particularly relevant at old age when coordination and balance usually become worse. When your hand-eye coordination is good, you have fast reflexes and quick reaction, as well as proper fine motor skills.

Are you into boxing? Then you definitely need these trainers to make your outdoor workouts more effective and pleasurable.