Tips for safe and enjoyable city cycling

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The reasons for swapping your usual means of transport for a bike come spring are too numerous to enumerate. Thus, for instance, you can get fit, avoid stuffy and crowded public transport and save money. However, you should keep in mind that it might appear to be no easy matter if you live in a heavily congested city since negotiating pedestrians, cars and other cyclists can be a daunting prospect for all willing to get into city cycling. Here are the must-follow rules you should know.

 • Plan your route
Whether you fancy a leisurely ride along the embankment or you are commuting to the city centre, make up a meticulous plan of you route. You can use some popular route planners, such as Google Maps, which has ‘bike’ mode.

• Learn the rules
Before taking to the roads, familiarize yourself with rules of cycling in your city. Understandably enough, all cyclists, along with car drivers, are also road users, so they must stick to the Highway Code.

• Prepare your gear
Check whether you have everything for making your journey both safe and comfortable – a helmet, reflective clothing, a bike lock, front and back lights, a portable repair kit etc. What`s more, give preference to comfy clothes that are easy to move in and try to avoid tight skirts and dresses since you can always change once you reach your destination.

• Secure your bike
Not surprisingly, big cities are full of opportunists, and reselling bike parts is a quick way to turn a profit. So try to leave your bicycle at guarded bike parking and never forget to lock it.


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