Mission Possible: Keeping Flu At Bay

Unfortunately, we can`t just skip this time of the year – the beginning of cold and flu season. Understandably, we can try to shun sick people, avoid touching door knobs and elevator buttons or to get vaccinated against influenza in advance. This is all very well and might be really helpful for some people. But there is actually a more prudent and natural way to ward off winter illness – to boost your body`s defense mechanisms. It can be easily achieved by taking the following measures.

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5 surprising facts about golf

When you think of golf, nothing really extraordinary springs to your mind. Apparently, you instantly imagine green fields, neat and reserved players with bags packed with various golf clubs, each of which serves its purposes – in brief, a slow paced, strategic and sophisticated game. However, golf breaks records in the number of unexpected facts connected to it.

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Steal his Style: David Beckham

David Beckham is more than just one of the most talented footballers in the world`s history, he is also a businessmen, model, spokesperson, UNICEF ambassador and a true family guy. What`s more, David is deservedly regarded as one of the most fashionable male celebrities. His style has matured over time and now he always looks stellar both suited-up and in the most basic sportswear. So, how to look like David Beckham?

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