magic fitness formula

Gigi Hadid reveals her magic fitness formula

Being a supermodel, Gigi Hadid always needs to stay in shape. In her teens, Gigi used to play volleyball a lot, which spurred her competitiveness. She also likes horse riding since childhood. So, when the model moved to NY, she missed these two activities and decided to compensate them with workouts at the gym and boxing.

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How to deal with stress at work

It is no secret that quite a few people that work in an office face the downsides of a desk job. Sedentary lifestyle inevitably contributes to the amount of stress office workers experience on a daily basis.

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Look of the week

Choosing the right colour combination for your look might appear to be no easy matter, so when in doubt, derive ideas from nature. For instance, pretty simple flowers, such as a sunflower, can offer very applicable colour palettes that can be adopted easily. To repeat this outfit, go for black distressed mom jeans, a mustard off the shoulder crop top, a white denim jacket.

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