Benefits of boxing workouts

Boxing is no longer reserved for the ring only. This tough sport is becoming a kind of fitness phenomenon that invades gyms around the globe. The growing popularity of boxing and martial arts can be partly attributed to the rapid rise of MMA. However, boxing is more than just hype since it provides a high intensity training and you would be surprised how fun it is to punch something (or somebody). Here is our list of advantages that boxing can bring.

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Steal her Style: Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel is an American actress, model and producer. What`s more, she is Justin Timberlake`s wife and muse. Generally speaking, her style is not complicated – it is a combination of elegant and laid-back looks, most of which consist of pretty basic garments. Apparently, Jessica`s taste in clothes is mainly based on comfort, which doesn’t mean that she avoids being dressed to the teeth at some outings or major events.

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Beauty & wellness gadgets for ladies

March is traditionally associated with the fair sex not only because it`s a spring month, but also thanks to International Women`s Day and Mother`s Day. Consequently, all the men of the world struggle to find presents that will please their dearest and nearest females. Check out some of our favourite tech gifts bellow.

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Look of the week

Despite the calendar tells us that the spring has already come, this is difficult to believe in, because the weather is still cold, wet and cloudy. In such a transitional period, the best decision would be to layer up. A bright checked jacquard-weave coat with mid-blue mom jeans and a milky chunky-knit turtleneck sweater are a savvy combination to carry you throughout an early spring day.

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